Municipal court - your first contact with the legal system

Municipal courts handle all traffic violations, including all moving violations such as speeding and careless driving, driving while suspended, driving without insurance, and drunk driving. 

In addition, disorderly and petty disorderly complaints are also heard for such matters as possession of a controlled dangerous substance, simple assault, harassment, criminal mischief, and other minor criminal offenses.

Voluntarily paying means you're admitting guilt

Many charges, even seemingly minor ones, may carry the imposition of “points,” significant fines, suspension, and / or incarceration. The financial consequences are also serious, with possible insurance rate increases or even loss of coverage. 

As such, the consequences of entering a plea of “guilty” to such a charge may not be fully appreciated or understood until it is too late.

If you live out of state or have a hardship excuse, I may be able to resolve your traffic ticket without you ever having to appear in court, thereby saving you additional time and travel expenses. I have been successful in reducing the penalties for moving violations to no points or a reduced sentence or fine.

Drunk driving cases require special attention

I frequently retain the services of a DUI expert to further the defense of my clients. I also have significant experience in reviewing the police report to determine if a mistake was made during the stop or processing of the alleged DUI violator, which may lead to a dismissal of the complaint, a reduction to a non-DUI offense, or a lesser period of suspension for first offenders.

If you are charged with a criminal complaint, a plea of guilt or finding of guilt to certain charges may result in consequences such as incarceration, loss or confiscation of property, substantial fines and penalties, loss of employment, loss of a driving license or other professional license, and initiation of a criminal record. Therefore, it is important that you do not go to court without an attorney if you are charged with a criminal offense.